Online Dating at Soulsynastry is about helping people meet someone based on body mind and spirit.


When two people connect in body, mind and spirit that is what is called  soul synastry. So to simply define soul synastry; a soul synastry is an occurrence  where the body mind and spirit connects in such a way that there is a harmonious predisposition for true and an enduring relationship especially when it comes to love.


In astrology a soul synastry  is where aspects in both peoples charts sync up so there is some kind of profound connection. The connection can be in body, mind or spirit or all three aspects can be in alignment which suggests a soulmate match. When enough of the aspects match then you have indeed found a soulmate.


A soulmate doesn't have to be romantic; but for a dating site people are looking for their romantic soulmate match. The synastry charts provided on this site help you determine if you are a soulmate match or not . Being with your soulmate doesn't mean everything will be peaches and cream all the time in your relationship with that person. What it means is thru the planets and their alignment you have an affinity strong enough for a bond that can make a strong, lasting and positive relationship with each other despite the difficulties life throws at you both.


There are some unique features on the site, that sets us apart from other dating sites You may ask yourself  so what makes this site so different from  other dating sites?


Well  here are the things that makes soulsynasty unique:


When two people are mutually interested in each other they can have a synastry report drawn up for them to see if their match is a soulmate, a friend or even a mismatch.The benefit of this is to let you know what kind of potential you have with a person you are interested in. The synastry report  indicates whether you would be better off with or without a romantic relationship with that person based on the planet alignments.


A synastry report   indicates the type of relationship that would serve of you best with a person of interest; for example maybe you shouldn't get involved romantically because of the report indicates more negatives than positives or maybe its a total soulmate and a  go .Of course you have free will and even if the report indicates you are not compatible  or are not soulmates you may still decide to go ahead and give it a try. That is totally up to you, the report just indicates whether you are compatible as soulmates, friends or incompatible . So in the end its about your own discretion based on the information you get in the report which will decide what kind of relationship you will pursue with a person of interest. In that case you may end up still being friends or totally disliking each other but its your choice not ours.


The other unique feature we have on soulsynastry  is we require a validation of your name and address to make sure you are who you say you are when you fill out your application to subscribe. This is only required  if you choose to be a paid member.The reason for this is many times on dating sites people lie and give false information about  who they are including their pictures. When people are dishonest their intentions are not sincere .Many people put their good foot forward and are hurt by dishonest people who lead them on and trick them for motives other than a real relationship. So If you do not complete the verification process you cannot  communicate with other members on this site. We want sincere honest people on soulsynastry. Honest people look for real relationships which is the point of this site.


 In order for you to be a verified member  you have to have  a basic background check of name and address to validate who you are.  Although doing a basic check on a person who wishes a membership does not assure 100 percent that the person is honest; it does however give a higher percentage that the person is telling the truth that they are who they say they are. We do not keep your background check information. This is just to precautionary measure to protect everyone on the site. This helpx  protect all parties on soulsynastry from dishonest people and dating site predators.


Of course there are people who will not like this idea, but its just a basic check and   since its on the world wide web which is opened to all kind of stalkers and predators;we want some assurance that you are honest and who you say you are . Its for everyones safety.


NO ONE WANTS TO BE HONEST AND HAVE SOMEONE LIE TO THEM OR BE DISHONEST IN RETURN!! Chances are if you are honest, that means you want an honest person so you can have a chance of a real relationship be if romantic or even platonic. Honest friends are invaluable.


Also we encourage a person who is not interested in a person who contacts them to keep them blocked after declining the letter of interest. This is because no one likes to be harassed by someone they are not interested in. It minimizes problems on both ends. The one who doesn't want to be bothered should not be subjected to someone insisting the person they have no interest in  should give them a chance. That is annoying and uncomfortable. DO NOT PUT YOURSELF IN THAT POSITION if a person declines your interest letter MOVE ON IN PEACE PLEASE . IF WE FIND OUT YOU ARE INSISTENT TO SOMEONE WHO DOESN'T WANT TO BE BOTHERED WE WILL WARN YOU TO STOP IF YOU DON'T YOUR MEMBERSHIP WILL BE REVOKED!!


To those who feel rejected and remain blocked , DON'T!!!  feel that way .When one door closes another opens, this is not the person for you right now. Who knows they may change their minds at a later time and it will be too late for them, so don't give up or get angry; keep positive and keep looking the right one will show up for you.


We know we are a new site and you may post your profile  and browse for free as well as check out the site and still partake in the reports without being verified, However communication to the different members is reserved for verified members only. This is because they went thru the process of showing their credibility and if you want to communicate with others you must do the same.


We are currently charging $6.99 a month for subscribers which is a small fee. This is pennies a day, literally 23 cents a day for a 30 day month.  We charge this small fee  to discourage people who are not serious about finding someone in body mind and spirit to waste other peoples time or play around.


Since we are new and upcoming we suggest you keep a free membership until you find someone you are interested in, or if someone you like contacts you and you want to subscribe to get to know them because you are mutually interested.


Subscriptions are on a month to month basis so you can subscribe unsubscribe and subscribe again if you wish. Keep in mind if you subscribe for ex in may that subscription can only be refunded within the first 24 hours not 3 weeks later. A subscription lasts to the end of the billing cycle, you will not get billed again if you unsubscribe the following month. WE WILL ONLY REFUND WITHIN THE FIRST 24 HOURS OF A SUBSCRIPTION IF NOT YOU HAVE TO CANCEL FOR THE FOLLOWING MONTH AND HARASSERS NO REFUNDS!!


We are a brand new sight so be patient with us to fill our membership, we hope you enjoy the site and hope it is a soul synastry success for you


Check back as often as possible as we are a new and growing site.