Synastry is when two peoples charts astrologically are compared to show where they are most likely to be a good match in a love relationship, friendship or no match at all. We at soulsynastry.com believe that astrology charting helps determine the direction of a relationship. This is crucial to understand what type of relationship two people will have. Because we understand the concept of synastry as a necessary part of finding the right person; we are confident that this is what sets us apart from the other dating sites. We incorporate the idea of body, mind and spirit as part of the process one uses for finding a real relationship.

The reason I came up with the idea of soulsynastry.com is because of my own disastrous experiences on dating sites. I experienced scammers and unreliable people. Aside from that, there were guys I wasn't interested in who insisted on harassing me. They would keep on trying to communicate with me when I did not want to be bothered because i was not interested in pursuing a relationship with them.The choices I had on those sites never met my criteria or attraction levels; if i gave a guy a try when i was not attracted or interested it ended horribly. These sites obviously did not incorporate synastry into one's dating options.

The second reason I came up with the idea for soulsynastry.com is because I am a spiritual advisor and noticed that the majority of my clients are looking for a relationship on some level. I am talking about 90 percent of my callers are looking for the right one, are lonely or are in currently bad relationships. This got me thinking how can I help these people find more suitable partners. The universe has millions of people why can't a site find the right ones for them.

We at soulsynastry.com try to help you find matches based on body, mind and spirit . If this is what you are looking for then you have come to the right place.